The beginnings

The story behind the scenes

So, as you may have understood by now, I have decided to set a few goals for next year. I was actually sitting on the L train that takes me every morning from Saint Lazare station to La Defense where I get to spend 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Time spent there, time spent well - I would confidently say. So I was sitting next to the window, listening to my new Spotify playlist that really just reflects my general satisfaction of the current state of my life, and then I had this sudden epiphany. 

I realised, all of a sudden, that there are so many things I would theoretically love to do, but I never get round to doing them. I also thought, my 27th birthday is around the corner, so when, really, if not now ? When am I going to do all these wonderful life-changing things that everyone has to do before they die whereas soon I will be ridiculously old-looking for these fun little adventures. Looks aside, I also think that some of the things I will try to achieve in 2019 can add to my overall well-being and those around me, so why hesitate any longer?

I took my smartphone, as would the other 57 people sitting in the compartment right as they got on the train, and started to take notes of my ideas. Then, once inspired and on fire, I decided that a great motivation for me not to stop my "resolutions" for the new year would be a blog that traces the development of my so-called miracles. A blog, that would be the tunnel between me and the world, and a force that could, firstly, keep track of the changes in my life and that of the others, and secondly, just keep me going and motivate me to make all my miracles happen.